• Automated driving
    Automated driving

    Automation is on its way — with safety, and convenience

    We want to continue enjoying the mobility that cars offer us in the future. But there is one thing we wish to eliminate: the potential for human errors. Automated driving is the key to achieving this goal.

  • IAA cars 2012
    IAA cars 2012

    IAA cars 2013 - Solutions for connected vehicles and future mobility.

    Bosch presents innovations in the area of powertrain, driving comfort, driving safety, and services.

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    The diesel powertrain plays an important role in our everyday lives and offers solutions to today’s global challenges.

    Read on! You just might be surprised.


Continuously variable transmission.


Powertrain electrification.

Automotive competence
from a single source

Automotive Technology for two-wheelers

Automotive technology for two-wheelers

Bosch Automotive Technology

The automotive industry is in a period of transition, and Bosch is a driving force behind change. We are able to reduce the fuel consumption of diesel and gasoline cars by at least another 30 percent, and we are well prepared for the gradual transition to electromobility. At the same time, we are getting ever closer to the goal of accident-free driving.


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